CPR party

Don’t wait to learn how to save your child’s life!


If it’s been a while since you took an infant and child CPR course or if you’ve never taken one, now’s your chance to freshen up your skills or to learn this vitally important information. One of the participants in the last workshop we hosted actually had to use her new skills: she performed CPR on her husband and saved his life!!  Don’t put this class off if you haven’t taken it yet!

The instructor, Mitch Cynamon of Initiate Care, is a Red Cross and American Heart Association instructor with years of experience both teaching CPR and saving lives. This is not a certification course. The course will cover how to assess an emergency, perform CPR, provide care for a conscious choking infant or child with a partially or fully blocked airway, and how to help an unconscious infant or child that has a blockage.

January 8, 7PM-9PM

January 9, 11AM-1PM


For the Frday evening class, light snacks, wine and beer will be served. On Saturday morning, there will be coffee/tea and snacks.

The course is $70 per person. Adults only. Space is limited so email soon.


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