“I have only great things to say about Andrea. My 9-month-old son has been sleeping 11 to 12 hours per night since we hired her when he was about 4 months old. My husband and I can eat dinner together (which we had barely done once since the baby was born!) and I can get some work done in the evening too. So worth it!”

Jessica F., sleep client

“Hiring Andrea as my sleep consultant was the best decision! My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner”

Heather M., sleep client

“Andrea is awesome! So helpful, supportive and non judgemental. She sends you an info sheet that you fill out to tell her about your child’s sleep habits, then meets with you to help you set a good schedule for your child & chose a sleep training plan that you are comfortable with. Then she provides follow up support so you can tell her how it went & tweak your plan if you need to. Hiring Andrea was seriously the best decision I made as a mom. She helped identify what was holding my son back from sleeping and helped me feel confident that he could do it. The support was a huge factor for me.  I can’t thank Andrea enough.”

Maureen G., sleep client

“I hired Andrea Scannell as a sleep consultant and it was a fantastic decision.”

Melanie M., sleep client

“It’s so important to know that you’re not alone. I wish all moms had a MOMally”

-Emily, MOMally mom

“As a result of MOMally groups and services, I gained confidence as a parent through increased information (online forums, meetups, workshops, one-on-one consultations), friends at a very isolating time, and got to do so many enjoyable things to bond with my baby (meetups, playdates, yoga, etc.) when before that I was at a loss for what to do beyond my living room and taking walks with the stroller.”

Christine S., NYC coaching client, group participant

“As a new Mom with limited family support, Andrea gave me my sense that my instincts were correct — all I needed was some help with the skills to fulfill how I saw myself as a parent.  She helped me think through what kind of a Mom I want to be, which in turn helped me have and continue to have the right conversations with my partner in how we want to be as parents.  There are so many “right” ways to parent these days, so much input, and I think so many new moms are inundated with outside opinions and philosophies, it’s hard to sort through it all.  I know that asking for help isn’t a weakness but a strength, and a fortunate strength when there is someone like Andrea in my corner.

-Tracy Liz Miller, post partum client

“Andrea is a supremely gifted teacher and caregiver and this is reflected in the connections she has made over the years with children and their families and with colleagues as well.

Watching her parent her own child is nothing less than  a lesson in conscious, loving and humble parenting.

Because of her gifts as a human being and her years of training, she has developed a system of facilitating her daughters’ entry into the world that is natural and at the same time focused and nurturing. She creates a daily environment for her child that is full of curiosity, joy, abandon and safety as well as learning and resting.

Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Andrea on any challenges in parenting will most certainly come away with a sense of confidence, joy, humor and skills that only this kind of renaissance coach can instill!”

Susan Lambert, LCSW , colleague

“Andrea is the baby whisperer!  As my postpartum Doula, Andrea offered loving and unconditional support.   She helped me and my husband adjust to our new roles as parents.  She gave us excellent advice on newborn care and sleeping (for both me and my baby).  She also provided great emotional support for me; she’s a great listener and offers advice without judgment.”

-Colleen, post partum client

“I can’t believe I am still breastfeeding exclusively. I was about to give up at 3 weeks. I could not have done it without your help!”

-Bianca, NYC, breastfeeding support client


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